Community Water Purification & Power Production

From our client, ANSA North America, which is doing such important work to provide clean water and electricity production to the world’s most vulverable communities. 

Community Water Purification & Power Production

Is your organization or philanthropic foundation poised to contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development?

In collaboration, ANSA NA can help make the global vision a reality.

UN Goal 6 includes a clean water target to achieve universal and equitable access to safe, affordable drinking water for all by 2030.

Our mission and expertise is making pure drinking water from any locally available water source, even contaminated or saltwater.


ANSA NA can help you bring safe drinking water, a human right, to 785 million people who lack even a basic water service.

Because about 840 million people also exist with no access to electricity, let’s solve that problem at the same time.


HydroVolt SQN is the ultimate technology for quality pure water production and power-generation versatility.

The SQN operates on any power source, is portable, environmentally-sound and high-production with low operating cost.

It makes up to a truckload a day of 99.99% pure drinking water from any contaminated fresh water source.

The highly versatile SQN has an internal diesel generator that also produces electric power.

Your work with ANSA NA will:

  • Decrease disease risk from contaminated water, including 842,000 diarrheal deaths each year.
  • Increase educational opportunities, eliminating an estimated 443 million school days lost each year due to water-related illnesses.
  • Ameliorate lifestyles for women and children, who spend 200 million hours every day on the chore of collecting water.

Let’s Join Forces

Is your organization working to meet the world’s SDGs but needs an expert in the necessary technology?

ANSA North America can be your pure water solution provider and partner, with proven innovative equipment, systems and know-how.

Make pure water and electric power in remote locations with on-site water purification & power production solutions


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