Web users are searching for products, services, and culture in new tech-enabled ways

Here at Answer Media, we’re seeing some interesting trends in online search. And as we know — and Google reminds us constantly with its search engine updates — how users search is how we must adapt our websites and website content.

1. Non-visual Search : Consumers are using voice commands more and more frequently to find services and products online. Companies will have to find ways to capitalize on voice commands and serve relevant (audio) results with no display.

2. Visual / Camera Search : According to MOZ, camera or visual search may be one of the top emerging trends for search in 2018. Camera searching and image matching capabilities enable visual results, and businesses will have to work to produce images for web access that are both indexed and optimized for popular searches.

3. Site speed : With mobile searches now in the firm majority, and the need for mobile-optimized websites to load effectively for mobile users, ensuring that websites will load effectively for all users may become as large an SEO challenge as keyword optimization.

4. More Influence, Fewer Influencers : As brands navigate the over-saturated “influencers” and brand bloggers milieu, they will likely partner closely with or establish their own brand influencers to cut the clutter and have better control over their brand ad message.

We’ve seen a few big changes happening, and we don’t expect that to change at all. That’s why every business needs help getting their website found online, whether it’s locally, regionally, or nationally. And these changes are no different… “Normal” people can’t be expected to know which changes to make to their website SEO tactics, or why! That’s where we come in. Contact Answer Media today.